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BBQ and Herd's Compeition 2015

The Northern Ireland Hereford Breeders Association held their annual field night and BBQ this year at the home of breed president Greer Watson, Raffery Co. Down. After viewing the Barnburn herd including the NI Bull of the Year, Pinmoor 1 Kingsley, the crowd headed back to the sheds to watch a clipping demonstration by William McMordie before having a BBQ and the announcement of the results of the herds competition, from Judge Andy Patterson.


Pedigree herds

Large Herds          

1st           J & W McMordie              Solpoll

2nd          John Conlon                    Drumatee

3rd           David Wilson                   Lisrace   



Medium Herds                

1st           Dessie Martin                   Lisola & Craigy

2nd          Stephen Baxter                Umgola

3rd           C & M Beatty & Son        Castlepoll & Braemount


Small Herds                      

1st           James Graham                  Richmount

2nd          Ciaran Kerr                        Kinnego

3rd           Andrew McMordie             Solitude



Best Autumn Born Bull Calf                        

David Wilson                      Lisrace Lumberjack


Best Autumn Born Heifer Calf                   

J & W McMordie              Solpoll 1 Pansy M16


Best Spring Born Bull Calf       

James Graham                  Richmount 1 Mac


Best Spring Born Heifer Calf                       

Stephen Baxter               Umgola 1 Lady 3rd


Best Stock Bull                  

Tie between:

Stephen Baxter                Dernaroy 1 Impact


James Graham                 Richmount 1 King Kong


Overall Winner                 

John & William McMordie            Solpoll

Runner Up                                            

Dessie Martin                               Lisola & Craigy


Commercial herds

Overall winner                 

David Weir, Benburb


Runner Up

Samuel Robinson, Killinchy



Funds raised at the event between the BBQ, raffle and auction raised £1090 which was presented to Nessie Blair from the British Lung Foundation



The NIHBA would like to thank Andy Patterson for judging the herd's competition and Dunbia for providing the steaks.


Special thanks also to the Watson Family for hosting the BBQ and field evening to view their Herd and to host the prize giving for the competition.